My Spring 2011 Courses

Sorry it’s so blurry; I do not know how that happened.

Anyways, I got every single course I wanted!

  • Astronomy
  • English (with my current professor!)
  • Intro to Geography
  • History since 1877 (I’m currently taking History from 1877)
  • & calc (yuck)

This list is, of course, tentative. I’m going to play around with it since I still have time. I’m looking at taking an economics course in there somewhere if I replace something. But for now, I’m glad I got all I wanted. I wanted to take Spanish but I don’t think anyone would sign up for it, so I didn’t even bother. I wanted to use up my scarce credits for another course. I’m still looking at World History, Microeconomics, Macroeconomic Experience, & Spanish.

When choosing classes, students will literally be on Marynet (the course registration site) at 11:59 PM ready to click their mouse because once 12:00 AM hits….BOOM. I literally had to wait four minutes until my page loaded….and ’twas a long four minutes indeed.

My schedule


  • Mondays is yet again my worst day. I have three classes this sem, and four next. Plus side: one class Tuesday/Friday.
  • Tuesday’s and [especially] Fridays are kind of a waste though; I would prefer to have no classes on either instead of 1. On the bright side, no classes before 11 AM!
  • Tuesday’s & Wednesdays = big gap.