~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Yesterday was our DC Student Alliance (DCSA) meeting hosted by Marymount University. The Student Government Associations of Marymount, the University of Maryland, American, University of DC, George Mason, Howard, and George Washington all attended to collaborate ideas within the college education scene of the DC area and discuss our topics and initiatives for the next few months. It was my very first time attending a DCSA meeting, and quite frankly I think I was the only freshman there. It was a great way to meet people and see how other schools’ SGA’s function, which are a bit different than ours. It was actually really intense because we bounced some really fantastic ideas and I can see some big changes coming in the next few years spearheaded by us as student leaders. The greater DC area is the perfect place to be for implementing any ideas you may want to see, and not only will you see change within your own campus, but it could possibly affect the entire area. For example, TJ, one of the senators I work with, already started a rally in DC. Oh yeah, he’s only a freshman.

I’m so glad to be a part of Student Government, and I couldn’t have been elected without my freshman class. Thank you all so much!

OH and Andrea Daniels, our Vice President of Student Affairs, was recently accepted to Birmingham University in the UK for her masters! She’s one of the very few economics majors here, I myself included. I’m so excited and proud for her. Congrats!