Hi everyone! I’m glad to say things are winding down since the last post. While it is finals week, my homework load (yes, I still have last minute assignments) have decreased since my professors are just focusing on finals, but I’ve still got some to finish before school gets out tomorrow!

Anyways, I’m currently sitting in front of my art class awaiting my art portfolio review, which is my art “final” that’ll last around fifteen minutes. Art class was…interesting to say the least. I haven’t had an art class in four years so you could say my artwork could use a bit of sprucing up, but thanks to Professor Xenakis my skills have vastly improved. I came in hating drawing the human form but now I sort of like it (and I’m actually somewhat good! lol). I’m going to miss how fun the class was, despite its 8 AM timeslot. Blah. It was interesting hearing the different perspectives in art from other cultures around the world and through history. I might take another art class to make up for the lack thereof for the past four years! ha.

The awesome thing about this class is that we get to “grade” ourselves, one, and two, can turn things in late. I have my portfolio and I’m going to give myself an A because I genuinely believe I improved since the beginning of class to now. I’ve grasped concepts on tone and line, which are apparent in my homework assignments. I participate in class all of the time and ask thought-provoking questions during critiques, not half-baked questions for the sake of asking questions. But ultimately it’s up to my professor whether or not I get the A or not. He believes in me though! 

Anyways, this year is coming to a close in less than fifty hours. I’ve learned a lot inside and out of the classroom and I’m ready to take those lessons into my sophomore year. I’m going to miss all of the seniors this year who have all been a pseudo mentor to me, especially those who aren’t from the Greater D.C. area (or the United States for that matter).

I’m definitely going to keep in touch with them, however, especially Andrea from Student Government! She’s going to the UK for her master’s in economics, which is where I’ve decided I want to go. Ever since I finished watching Merlin, a British TV show on BBC, I’ve been adamantly researching schools across the pond. Andrea is going over for economics and she’s outstandingly excited, as am I. I’m definitely going to follow her adventure in the British education system to get a feel of what to expect.

I have another friend over in Scotland at the University of St. Andrews studying English and I recently contacted her about her experience as an international student and she told me it is definitely not for the faint of heart. While it’s been an amazing experience spending her first year overseas, the British system totally contrasts with what we’re used to in America. I can’t say just yet what she means because I want to gather more clear information but it’s definitely a different experience.

So I’m going to leave you now with the top three things I learned my freshman year that I hope you prospective freshmen will take with you onto college:

1. Fight. If you think you deserve a grade different than what you received, speak with your professor. I’ve been in instances where I’ve clearly defended my points for why I know I deserve a better grade. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t; you’ll never know until you try, right? It’s helping/has helped my GPA, that’s for sure.

2. Take initiative. I’ve received my first internship at the Smithsonian this past winter thanks to my efforts working with the Career and Internship center. I would go every week first semester because I was dead-set on receiving an internship. Sure, it’s unrelated to my major, but at least I got my foot in the door, right? I also met a lot of people this way, which helps for networking. I had dinner last week with my friend who works for APALA who’s going to hook me up with Filipino events that I’m pretty sure I’d be out of the loop on had it not been for him.

3. Write. I feel like this is a crucial skill to hone in college that doesn’t even need explaining. You’re going to do more writing than in high school.

Anyways, those are my tidbits from freshman year. Enjoy your summer everyone!