Seeing people come together like this kills me. Please listen to this song.

“A mashup remix version of the popular song that’s become the Japanese equivalent of Vitamin C’s “Graduation Song (Friends Forever).” It features individuals, school choruses and others doing their renditions of the song that’s become a graduation anthem at schools throughout Japan.”

I’m moved. After discovering this song I’m positive I’m going to be distracted at finals. I was talking with my friend about how one of the downsides to going to a small school is how you know everyone, including seniors. I’ve made such extraordinary friendships with soon-to-be-graduates, so it really, really SUCKS how they’re leaving. I’ve only started and once you know, they’re gone.

This song, “Tegami” by Angela Aki, is, for the most part, the Japanese version of Vitamin C’s “Graduation Song”. I’ve met so many seniors over the past year that have helped me enjoy my first year of college, from the seniors on Student Government, Alternative Spring Break, and of course, the International Club.

This song reminds me of my 8th grade (yes, EIGHTH GRADE LOL) graduation at St. Thomas More Cathedral School in Arlington, VA (it’s actually right behind Marymount’s Ballston Campus). On our last day of school, our teachers distributed a letter to each of us from our parents, stating how proud they were of us and how they’ll stick with us during the next four years of high school. Everyone cried. All thirty-something of us.

Anyways, the song is about a letter, and since it’s Japan’s equivalent to “Graduation Song”, it made sense. I put the pieces together and its just now that it hit me that the seniors are leaving.

Sorry for a really scattered post but right now I’m scrambling to find the piano sheets to this song. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG.