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I can’t believe how fast International Week flew by. I’ve literally never learned about so many cultures in my entire life.

The first day was Ethiopian Night where Eden Abate, President of Co-Curricular Council, and her Ethiopian friends hosted a dinner accompanied with traditional dances and music along with a fashion show on Ethiopian clothing. Tuesday was Nicaraguan Poetry and Music by Marlon, our gracious host! He came to showcase his art and help create a mural for Marymount to be displayed during the Banquet. Wednesday was the Interfaith Dialogue where we had different representatives from other religions (Buddhism, Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam) come and talk about sex and morality in their religion. It was outstandingly popular. Thursday was the Country Fair where different booths were set up by different students representing different countries. I displayed Philippines! And lastly Friday was the International Banquet.

The International Banquet was directed by the students of the International Club and the International Student Services. Together we came up with creative ideas to convey our theme: “Under Many Flags, we are One”. Participating countries performing were Nepali dancing, Irish step, Chinese Wushu, Indian Bhangra, and so much more. The food came from all over as well!

Here is the African Dance. Thanks NYVids010!

You bet I’ll be back for next year’s International Week!