International Week: post coming soon! This deserves a completely separate post.

Meanwhile, while I only have four weeks left of school, this is probably going to be the most busiest month of the school year.

  • First off, a couple of students and I are joining US PIRG to attend a Press Conference today at 2 to mark the one year anniversary of the President signing the Healthcare and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010. Perks of going to a school in D.C.
  • This Saturday (April 2) I’m volunteering with a group of students in Campus Ministry to work with disabled children at Marymount’s Annual Special Olympics!
  • Then, next week I’m going to be in a RealView TV video shoot for the Marymount website for marketing and recruiting purposes.
  • On April 13 is my first Student Research Conference for our Maasai Made group! I’m not sure if I told you all what this group is but in a nutshell we assist Dean Ryerson of the Business School sell handmade crafts made from the Maasai Tribe in Kenya.
  • Yesterday I started my first training day at the Smithsonian’s Paleobiological Training Program at the National History Museum. I was late, but still made the most of it.

And somewhere in there I’ll squeeze in my homework.