Yes, I’ve been diagnosed. Multiple tests performed and the results are in; I can’t hide it anymore. I’ve been feeling this way ever since I came back from Peru last week, but the effects began from way before.

It’s official: I have senioritis.

Okay, okay. I’m not in high school anymore, but the effects have lingered on into my freshman year. As I have mentioned, we’re summer-bound since there’s about one more month until school’s out (aka freedom). I often find myself sitting in class staring blankly at the white board/power point/window or doodling on my notes because I’m ready for a routine change.

Summer 2011 is a bit complex.

If I get one of the several internships I applied to, I’ll spend my summer doing that. When that’s over, I’ll be going to the Philippines in August, which will be the highlight of the break. It’ll be my aunts 50th birthday and we’re spending it in the same house she (and my dad) grew up in, which is newly renovated and stuff. So it’ll be a birthday/house blessing-ish party, woo.

However, if i get the Scholarship for Global Engagement, I’ll be going to South Africa for my study abroad semester. In South Africa, they’re second semester starts in July and ends in November, so I’ll have a short summer break but long winter break. More details on this within the next week!

Anyways, I’m just fighting on until this semester ends. There are a lot of things happening until school’s out, including International Week, the Conference where our “Maasai Made” group will attend, the resurrection of the Student Government newsletter (which I am writing an article on my Alternative Spring Break trip on!), Springfest, and the Service Cup, among others. I’m waiting for Easter “Break” (its really short) to use as a time for catching up on all of the work I missed, especially my drawings I’ve neglected to turn in. Ouuuuuuuuuuch.

At any rate, while I can’t wait until school is over, there is plenty of fun things left to do to keep me occupied until the glorious first day of summer. Aside from papers and exams, I’m looking forward to ending my first year of college on a great note. Here’s to the next few weeks of school!

My cousin, sister, brother, and I in the Philippines during Spring Break 2010

Yes, I had braces until senior year of high school.