Its so weird thinking about how fast my freshman year is going; we’re already halfway done with my second semester with just forty-three days left. Things are coming and going and once you know it, summer is here! Spring break just ended and now its crunch time until Easter Break, which will probably be my only breather since summer of 2010. I can finally use that time to work on my art pieces that I’ve been putting off 😐

This is also around the time some high school seniors are receiving their college admission decisions. I think it’s bizarre thinking about how us current freshmen will move up to sophomore status and be replaced by new ones. I’ve been around the Facebook Group for the class of 2015 and I can remember interacting with the other incoming freshmen and bombarding Marymount admission officers with endless questions about classes, lodging, majors, or anything else relating to the Fall 2010 semester.

But I found the Admitted Students Network (ASN) especially helpful as an incoming freshman. It was kind of a mini facebook dedicated to the class of 2015 where we would get to interact solely with other admitted students. I remember it booming around Orientation time where we’d all compare courses, scholarship opportunities, clubs and extracurricular interests, and work study jobs. I also found out some students who were deciding to run for Student Government with me, which was interesting since we got to see our competition before elections (however I think only three people actually pulled through with their decision to run).

Anyways, the Admitted Student Network was a place for us to meet other students and basically establish and prep ourselves for the next semester at Marymount University. The site literally works as a facebook where you can post pictures, videos, and comments on each other’s “wall” and was really easy to navigate through.

I had a really fun time with it because I met some friends I still speak with today. Some of my friends from my high school who continued onto Marymount with me said it was a helpful tool not only for social networking purposes but also for finding a roommate, so for those of you prospective students who don’t have a roommate, the Admitted Student Network would be a great place to start. Furthermore, you got to see the different Discover courses every freshman was in. It was interesting to see the different variations the University came up with (mine was about Leadership, but some of my friends were in one about food, literature, business, among others). It also gave insight to those who were still questioning whether or not Marymount was the place for them because there was that needed personal connection between those who already committed and those who didn’t.

Anyways, that was my pre-freshman year experience with the ASN. Soon enough it will be Orientation time and you’ll be meeting those faces in person. Then afterwards it’ll be you sitting in Gerard blogging about your time on the ASN.

Get ready Class of 2015!