“There needs to be more people playing like you.”

This was probably the most flattering comment I’ve ever, EVER heard received in my life. After my SGA meeting, I went to the empty commuter’s lounge to rock out on the piano (you know, the ouge) and play my personal rendition of “River Flows in You”, which is my favorite piano piece to play. The thing is, it is different everytime I play because my rendition is all in my head, not on sheet music, so it’s literally a creative outpour of random notes.

Well apparently I wasn’t the only one in the room. One of the security guards was listening to me play and our conversation went like this:


Me: -playing-

Him: “Thank You.”

Me: “….for what?”

Him: “Your music is beautiful. There needs to be more people playing like you.”



Needless to say I was so so so so so so so so so so so honored. What a nice thing to say! Really, in all of my twelve years of music I have never, ever, received such a nice compliment.

But it got better: I was going through my drawer later that day and I found a certificate stating that I’ve a National Auditions Winner ever since 2003. What took me so long to realize? Well I didn’t know anything about it because I thought it was a mandatory “test” my piano teacher made me take to take to advance to the next level. So I had to learn ten pieces and perform them in front of a judge.  I went in not knowing it was an audition, nailed it, received a certificate, and boom: national winner.