Sorry guys, we didn’t get as much snow as the monster known as Snowmageddon this year. Instead we got the appropriately named Thundersnow last Wednesday, which according to the accurate source Wikipedia, is an actual phenomenon. It was a mix of rain, snow, hail, and you guessed it, thunder! As soon as this apocalyptic concoction passed by, it was surprisingly nice outside, then of course we’re going to be punished again with some more snow tomorrow! Luckily it’s not sticking (I think), but it was enough for me to skip class.

I was actually caught driving in Wednesday’s Thundersnow and got into my first “near death experience” if you will. I was driving home around 5, which in D.C. is complete misery, and being the naïve driver that I am, I decided to take the back route on my way home because the traffic was too slow. Well, I learned the hard way that there is a reason for everything: the drivers in front of me were driving slowly because the ice/rain slush iced over and that means treacherous sliding like you’ve never seen before. I’m on the back route thinking, “I’m so smart and superior; no traffic here!” NOT. I was driving straight (LITERALLY STRAIGHT) and all of a sudden my car starts drifting to the right. Of course, I’m turning my wheel to the left to the point where I’m about to break it off, but it still drifted and drifted, straight into a ditch.

Well I’m in a ditch for probably a second because thankfully my car doesn’t stop moving, so I “slide” through the ditch and my car scoops (?) itself out LOL. And from there I got home safely. But LOL.


Waiting in front of my Mom's hospital

Anyways, school’s out today and unfortunately I spent it with a migraine. Yes, productive. But I had to pick my mom up from her hospital because I didn’t want her driving home in the snow from hell.

View from my window. And my brother's awesome shoveling skills.

It’s supposed to snow again next week. And then snow some more. And then I’ll go crazy with cabin fever again. But luckily I have my calculus book and internet, unlike my Egyptian friends.

But bad news is always coupled with good news: I went home, checked my e-mail, and I received the scholarship to my Peru trip! Thank you Campus Ministry!

I would like to fill you all in on the details of my Peru trip but to avoid being vague I’ll keep you on the edge of your seats (computer?) until more details come as we have our Peru meetings later on.