That is probably the best description I can give to label the spring semester. School is blowing my mind right now, and it’s only the second week! But fight on.

I have so much to update you on, including my trip to Peru during Spring Break woohoo! I’ve never been to a Spanish speaking country (Does the Philippines technically count since they have certain regions where Spanish is the main language? I digress…) so this is going to be a completely different experience for me. Some of my best friends are Peruvian and they are just as excited for me as well. As of now, however, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to actually do in Peru, but Campus Ministry (the group I’m going with) will meet soon to discuss the logistics (I really hate this word) of the trip. I’ll definitely keep you all posted!

Aside from Peru, I’ve really begun taking interest in undergraduate research thanks to the Science club meeting last Wednesday. My stats tutor from last semester did research through the National Science Foundation (which is right here in Arlington) and I’ve already been browsing through their site for potential projects I’d like to get involved in. The best part is they have something for everyone, not just those with a science background. The only college science I’ve had is my Astronomy class, and I’m currently taking it right now, but there are opportunities for geological sciences, social sciences, ethics and values- you name it. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this before I graduate.

Marymount’s Snowball, which is like their winter formal, will be on a boat this year! The Spirit of Washington to be exact! And you know what? That is the same boat I was on for my PROM NINE MONTHS AGO. ha…?

Get ready for the D.C. Service Cup! Colleges and universities from all over the Greater D.C. area will be competing against one another to rack up as much service hours as they can. This was initiated by the D.C. Student Alliance of which I am the new Communications Director of! Last year, students of George Washington University had the pleasure of First Lady Michelle Obama to speak at their graduation ceremony thanks to the works of service the students did over their year. As college students make a sixth of the population of D.C., we can make a big impact together to help improve lives all over the D.C. area through our humanitarian efforts. More information on this as the launch date (February 1) looms nearer.

That’s pretty much all I can reveal as of right now but I promise to keep you all posted. School is just eating my my life right now!