Happy New Years everyone! Can you believe it’s 2011 already? A lot has happened in 2010 and I’m happy to say 2011 is finally here because it will be filled with an entirety of new experiences:

  • Spring break in Peru
  • New internship, more details on this later
  • International Club’s esteemed International Banquet 2011!
  • Excited to say that SGA’s Academic Affairs committee has a lot planned for this semester
  • Over the break I was appointed Communications Director of DC Student Alliance

Speaking of the break, my internship at the Smithsonian ended last Friday. The entire experience was completely out of my comfort zone and totally unfamiliar because I’ve never had a job, and because I’ve never had a job, the lessons I learned at the Smithsonian were absolutely unusual to me. In other words, the internship  taught me things that I could not have otherwise learned in the classroom. Interning in D.C. has definitely been the cherry on top of my first semester simply because of the valuable experience it taught me about work and “The Washington Way”. It opened a new window of opportunities for me had I not sought to look into internships in the first place, like a possible major change and career focus. I had a fantastic time, and I wish I could continue it because it was just that much fun.

Night at the Museum....literally

And finally, a new year means a new semester here at the ‘mount. I started my classes last Monday with my first art class in four years!! Luckily the day starts with art because thirty minutes afterward is calculus at 11, then English at 1:30, history 3:30,  geography at 5, and end the day with my friends in Student Government at 9:30. As you can probably tell Monday is my worst day of the week, ha. It all balances out (kinda) because on Tuesdays I only have two classes, Astronomy at 12:30, followed by the lab at 7 (huge gap). If this semester doesn’t teach me discipline, then I do not know what will.

Overall I’m proud to say I’ve spearheaded this semester. I just dived right in with barely any cushion time and it paid off because I have a quiz today in calc, ah! See you all later! Here’s to 2011.

*Thumbs up if you can tell me what certain TV show this episode title came from in the comment section below!