Happy first day of winter too! Things are wrapping up here in D.C. as we approach CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I was told usually December 24 is a regular workday, but President Obama gave all of the federal employees the day off, so I don’t have to go to work that day!

Speaking of my internship, it’s pretty much running my life right now. I love the idea of working at the Smithsonian, particularly with Sant Ocean Hall, because:

  1. I’m generally interested in marine science
  2. It’s doing a great job convincing me of switching my major to bio (egad)
  3. It’s doing a great job convincing me of switching my major to communications (egad x2)

Anyways, just wanted to show you all how I’m spending my winter break, again. How is your break? What does your family do this time of year? Any special customs or family traditions at your house? For us, nothing traditional, just a regular Christmas party. All of my relatives are in the area so I’ll be “traveling” around twenty minutes away to Maryland, while my supervisor is going to New York, some are going to Georgia, Vermont, Florida, etc. But that’s OK! Because it’s supposed to snow, which means I’ll be cozying up in a nice warm house instead of traffic! But good luck out in the treacherous weather.

Speaking of snow, I don’t ever remember having a White Christmas here in D.C. Usually the snow comes falls after Christmas and well after New Years, like in February. If you were here during Snowmageddon then you would have seen what a frenzy everyone was in. I remember driving with my dad and sister from Maryland  to Virginia and there were probably two other cars on the road (not even a snow tractor), and that’s saying something because D.C. traffic is absolutely unforgiving. ‘Twas crazy.

Anyways I just wanted to stop by and say have a fantastic and safe break! And don’t forget to show me some love!