My semester is wrapping up as I finish my last two finals this week. Everything whizzed by and it’s so weird to think I’ve actually completed my first semester at college.

  • I’ve learned how to find the confidence level in Statistics, studied conditions of the 19th century Lowell Mill girls in U.S. History, analyzed the Stanford Prison Experiment in Sociology, researched college admission injustice in English, what it means to be a leader in Discover, and opportunity costs in Management
  • I’ve met classmates from New York, California, New Jersey, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, Rhode Island, Vietnam, Gabon, Nicaragua, Haiti, St. Lucia, South Korea,  and Canada
  • I’ve networked my way into an internship (which possibly could influence me to change my “life plan” completely)
  • Worked with Dean of the Business school and some of the most dedicated group members to raised funds selling crafts made by the Maasai tribe in Kenya
  • Ran for Student Government on a whim and won!

It’s so weird; as things wind down, I’m just getting started (but nothing can beat the feeling of Christmas vacation)! Here are some pictures I took that sums up semester one at Marymount University!

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Stay tuned for next semester, where I’ll give insight on new classes, the International Banquet, another possible internship, new friends, culture events (Cherry Blossom Fest!) in D.C., my trip to Peru, and many more! See you soon!