Before I drove to school I took the metro back and forth from Maryland to Virginia. I’ve been riding it since I was in middle school and it’s the cheaper (and greener) alternative to driving. You meet some interesting people and eventually it’ll teach you the ins and outs of the Greater D.C. area.

But today the metro made me want to break my personal rule of never ever driving into D.C. I had my orientation for my internship today at 9 AM, so I boarded the metro from Ballston at 8.

What was supposed to be a twenty-minute ride turned into an hour and thirty minute struggle. Apparently there was a fire at Metro Station on the Orange line, which happens to be the same line as Ballston, Marymount’s closest Metro station, and the Smithsonian, my stop. Not only is that rush crush hour in D.C., but that also means aggravated passengers and impatient students (who are already tormented by the stress of finals week) pile and push their way into an already crowded car. Evidently there was also a sick passenger who just had to get out of the fiasco (hope that person is OK). On top of all that, I couldn’t even e-mail my supervisor telling her I’d be late because I have to signal down under!

To make matters worse, I missed the majority of my internship orientation session, but I managed to scrape up a few minutes. Not a great way to make a first impression.

But all went well, and I am ready to start (I hope). On my way home there was this Asian guy who sang “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” in FRENCH LOL. Yes, here I am sitting in my seat and this random guy bursts out in song. I thought it was one of those impromptu improv skits, but alas, twas not. I didn’t even record it! I should have though, it would’ve been some funny footage. He was good too!

Anyways, that was my day in a nutshell. I don’t have classes today (or tomorrow) but I have finals Thursday and Friday (boo). I’m going to go before I start rambling some more. I’ll leave you with a random picture of my Discover group:


stay tuned for an “end of the year” wrap up (in pictures!)