Wow, Thanksgiving sprinted by. Here is a recap of what happened in the last two days:

It’s insane how fast this semester is going! I remember just graduating from high school literally six months ago. Weird. Now that first semester is almost up, my professors are giving last minute lessons & assignments, then after that, finals. Here is a rundown of how the rest of this semester will look (only three more weeks ’til Christmas break! Again, weird):

  • Principles of Sociology: December 2 (3 days away)
  • Business Experience: December 8 (9 days away)
  • English Composition I: December 11 (12 days away)
  • History of the United States to 1877: December 16 (17 days away)
  • Statistical Analysis: December 17 (18 days away)

But technically I won’t be done working since I have my internship starting immediately that Friday after my stats exam.

Anyways a lot is going on these last few weeks, like the late night breakfast, SGA Christmas party, & the tree lighting. I’ll be there for photos to keep you all posted. See you soon!