Hey everyone! School is out for students here at Marymount for Thanksgiving break. Luckily I live around an hour away, unlike many of my friends who hopped on a plane to go Texas, Massachusetts, California, New York, et cetera, so no long flights for me!

But it that doesn’t mean the work stops there. School ended yesterday but I had an internship interview at the National Museum of Natural History at noon today. This will be my first internship & it’ll only last the winter break, so it’s sort of a mini one, but an internship nonetheless. I’m extremely excited to work for them; i’ll be geotagging organisms and certain environments onto maps and working with The Ocean Portal. The site is devoted to ocean education and stewardship, and my work will mostly be through through photos, videos, research, and yes, continuing to blog!

But why the Smithsonian? How can that possibly relate to my economics major? In short, it does, but in a slight and obscure way. I have a lot of interests, including computers and web design to biology and ocean exploration, so this internship is incorporates all that. The site has many collaborators, including the Consortium of Ocean Leadership, National Geographic, and UNESCO, which I’m hoping will be the connection to economics. I’m not entirely sure how, but we’ll see how things play out, and if it doesn’t, then I’m totally content with the computer work and research. And to be honest, I’m not really expecting to see any correlation to economics, and I’m extremely open to anything this internship will teach me.

Aside from my internship, I’ll be blogging everyday this break now that I have time, even if it’s just a mini post. School is going great and when we return, we just have two more weeks of finals until Christmas break and I start interning!

The Ocean Portal & my Thanksgiving break