~ Travel quote by Henry Boye

The International Club is going to be my launching post of my “Clubs at Marymount” series.

North, South, East, and West

The International Club is the first club I ever joined on campus, and I’m nuts about it. The group is unbelievably close and devoted to global understanding (Marymount even has an entire floor dedicated to cultural appreciation). In my opinion, the International Club is the most popular club on campus because it hosts a lot of events including the International Banquet and the International Thanksgiving Dinner. Within our weekly Friday meetings, students have given presentations on their heritage (we had a Native American presentation last week and have had slideshows on Vietnam and St. Lucia), led discussions on certain topics (global communication and stereotypes), and for Halloween we watched El Orfanato, or The Orphanage.
Marymount does a fantastic job immersing students in different cultures. In fact, this week is International Education Week hosted by the Center for Global Education and International Student Services and we have events each day this week to teach us of the world around us. For example, yesterday I sat in on a “Going Global with your Career” seminar that taught us about opportunities abroad and how one would go about the process to live and work overseas. Thursday is our annual International Thanksgiving Dinner which I have very excited for (partly because my Maasai Made Kenya Project group is selling their crafts that day and the Global Charity Project is meeting that night, but that’s for another post) because for some, this will be their very first Thanksgiving dinner because they don’t celebrate it where they’re from, so it’s nice to be a part of their experience.
If you’re yearning to meet new people, I highly encourage (and always will encourage) going to one of the meetings in the Gerard Lobby at 3:30 on Fridays because the people there are some of the most nicest and funniest people you will ever meet. I am so glad to be a part of this club, yes because it exposes us to other cultures and ideas right here on campus, but because I’ve made genuine and cheerful friends that have made the transition into college so much easier.